July 22nd – Ferret Rounds on VIN

Dr. Gasper will be presenting Sunday rounds on VIN Sunday July 22, 2018

“Influenza Virus Infection in Domestic Ferrets: From Animal Models to Clinical Practice”

Join us for a brief review of influenza and discussion of community-acquired and experiemental influenza infection in domestic ferrets!

Reptile Diseases at WVC

Dr. Gasper will be presenting a 1-hour talk at the Western Veterinary Conference:

Common Diseases in Reptiles: Clinical & Necropsy Findings

Track: Avian & Exotics

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

8:00 AM – 8:50 AM

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The combined AAZV/ARAV/AEMV/AFV/NAG meeting is in Dallas, Sept 23-28!  Dr. Gasper will be filling in for Dr. Drury Reavill, giving a short talk on Lesions of the Caudal Coelom in Reptiles in the ARAV sessions on Wednesday. The term “caudal coelom” isn’t a generally accepted anatomical term, but it makes for a shorter title than: Lesions of the Renal, Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic, Adrenal and Reproductive Systems in Reptiles 🙂

ARAV Meeting

Update: Perkinsea in US Tapoles

Here’s a recent article on wild tadpoles in the US infected with highly pathogenic Perkinsus-like organisms. The organisms are yet-to-be-named protoza in the Phylum Perkinsea, and their phylogeny is still being worked out.

Pathogenic lineage of Perkinsea associated with mass mortality of frogs across the United States

AAV – New Journal Issue

The new edition of the Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery is Available!


If you’re not a member of the Association of Avian Veterinarians you learn about the benefits of membership here:


Immunology Notes

Here’s a condensed illustration of thymic T cell development that I adapted for an immunology class that I taught a while  back.

Discoveries May Lead to New Flu Vaccines

Dr. Gasper and his colleagues at the University of Wisconsin-Madison recently published an original research article in which they identified molecular mechanisms underlying the generation of anti-viral cell-mediated immunity in the respiratory tract.  They also demonstrated new approaches to generating broadly-protective immunity to influenza virus using adjuvanted vaccines. These discoveries may aid in the development of universal flu vaccines for people. Instead of getting a flu vaccine every year, wouldn’t it be nice to only get them as often as a tetanus shot ?

Check it out here: PLos Pathogens: Effective Respiratory CD8 T-Cell Immunity to Influenza Virus Induced by Intranasal Carbomer-Lecithin-Adjuvanted Non-replicating Vaccines


ExoticsCon 2016 in Portland

Going to ExoticsCon 2016 in Portland, OR?  Dr. Gasper will be presenting at the AAV Pathology and Research forum at 5:45 pm on Monday August 29. He will discuss the respiratory histopathology of ferrets experimentally infected with the pandemic influenza A viruses from 1918 and the most recent pandemic 2009! He’ll also discuss the histopathology of seasonal influenza infection in ferrets!


295L CA04 D3 Confirmed IHC_241 copy