July 22nd – Ferret Rounds on VIN

Dr. Gasper will be presenting Sunday rounds on VIN Sunday July 22, 2018

“Influenza Virus Infection in Domestic Ferrets: From Animal Models to Clinical Practice”

Join us for a brief review of influenza and discussion of community-acquired and experiemental influenza infection in domestic ferrets!

Reptile Diseases at WVC

Dr. Gasper will be presenting a 1-hour talk at the Western Veterinary Conference:

Common Diseases in Reptiles: Clinical & Necropsy Findings

Track: Avian & Exotics

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

8:00 AM – 8:50 AM

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The combined AAZV/ARAV/AEMV/AFV/NAG meeting is in Dallas, Sept 23-28!  Dr. Gasper will be filling in for Dr. Drury Reavill, giving a short talk on Lesions of the Caudal Coelom in Reptiles in the ARAV sessions on Wednesday. The term “caudal coelom” isn’t a generally accepted anatomical term, but it makes for a shorter title than: Lesions of the Renal, Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic, Adrenal and Reproductive Systems in Reptiles 🙂

ARAV Meeting

Update: Perkinsea in US Tapoles

Here’s a recent article on wild tadpoles in the US infected with highly pathogenic Perkinsus-like organisms. The organisms are yet-to-be-named protoza in the Phylum Perkinsea, and their phylogeny is still being worked out.

Pathogenic lineage of Perkinsea associated with mass mortality of frogs across the United States

Discoveries May Lead to New Flu Vaccines

Dr. Gasper and his colleagues at the University of Wisconsin-Madison recently published an original research article in which they identified molecular mechanisms underlying the generation of anti-viral cell-mediated immunity in the respiratory tract.  They also demonstrated new approaches to generating broadly-protective immunity to influenza virus using adjuvanted vaccines. These discoveries may aid in the development of universal flu vaccines for people. Instead of getting a flu vaccine every year, wouldn’t it be nice to only get them as often as a tetanus shot ?

Check it out here: PLos Pathogens: Effective Respiratory CD8 T-Cell Immunity to Influenza Virus Induced by Intranasal Carbomer-Lecithin-Adjuvanted Non-replicating Vaccines