The combined AAZV/ARAV/AEMV/AFV/NAG meeting is in Dallas, Sept 23-28! ¬†Dr. Gasper will be filling in for Dr. Drury Reavill, giving a short talk on Lesions of the Caudal Coelom in Reptiles in the ARAV sessions on Wednesday. The term “caudal coelom” isn’t a generally accepted anatomical term, but it makes for a shorter title than: Lesions of the Renal, Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic, Adrenal and Reproductive Systems in Reptiles ūüôā

ARAV Meeting

Update: Perkinsea in US Tapoles

Here’s a recent article on wild tadpoles in the US infected with highly pathogenic Perkinsus-like organisms. The organisms are yet-to-be-named protoza in the Phylum Perkinsea, and their phylogeny is still being worked out.

Pathogenic lineage of Perkinsea associated with mass mortality of frogs across the United States