Important Announcement!!!

Summer 2019 – PZWD is moving to the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

PZWD will NOT be accepting new submissions after June 21, 2019!

Dr. Gasper joined the faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine August 1, 2019.  Dr. Gasper is transitioning the Pacific Zoo & Wildlife Diagnostics laboratory to a send-in pathology service based in the School of Veterinary Medicine. The new zoo, wildlife, and exotic companion animal service is expected to begin accepting cases soon, and announcement will be posted on this website with additional information. We are excited that we will be able to continue to provide the same high-quality pathology services with which you are familiar, while enhancing the training and educational opportunities for veterinary students, residents, and faculty in the School of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Gasper will continue to work with Animal Reference Pathology and Zoo/Exotics Pathology service on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact Dr. Gasper directly at or through PZWD at

Specialty Exotic Animal Pathology


Pacific Zoo & Wildlife Diagnostics, Vet. Corp. offers a full range of diagnostic histopathology and cytology as well as disease consultation services for exotic companion animals, wildlife, and zoological animal collections.  David J. Gasper, DVM, PhD, is the primary pathologist and immunologist for PZWD.  He is a board certified veterinary anatomic pathologist specializing in the diagnostic and comparative pathology of wildlife, zoo, and exotic companion animals as well as animal models of infectious diseases of humans.